Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NEWS RELEASE – 2009 Officer of the Year and other Award Recipients Announced

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June 2, 2010 (12:50 p.m.)

Chief Ronald Ricucci announces today the officers and civilians who have won 2009 awards.

The 2009 Officer of the Year is Detective Private First Class Charles Hoetzel. D/Pfc. Hoetzel was selected because of his overall outstanding performance of duties as an officer and his dedication to the Department in numerous additional tasks, including his role as detective in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

D/Pfc. Hoetzel took the Oath of Office with the Takoma Park Police Department on March 3, 2008. He successfully completed his field training in June 2008. D/Pfc. Hoetzel currently works in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Takoma Park Police Department. D/Pfc. Hoetzel’s teamwork, persistence and efforts to take felons off the streets, to ensure the safety of others, are outstanding.

D/Pfc. Hoetzel was assigned 117 cases during 2009, ranging from robbery, burglary, sexual assault, child abuse, theft from auto, and many other cases, which required extensive investigation. Despite his heavy workload, D/Pfc. Hoetzel managed to investigate each case thoroughly, complete the investigative reports and submit all cases, leaving on a handful of cases that were assigned at the end of the year. During 2009, D/Pfc. Hoetzel ended the year with a 49% closure rate and had a total of 59 arrests.

During 2009, D/Pfc. Hoetzel was the lead investigator in numerous Asian-owned commercial armed robberies that occurred along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor. Approximately 16 Asian-owned commercial robberies occurred in Takoma Park and the surrounding jurisdictions, including Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. Arrests were made in February 2009.

During June and July 2009, there were a series of burglaries that were occurring in the City. Although D/Pfc. Hoetzel was not the lead investigator, he showed his dedication and willingness to be a team player by assisting in the execution of several search warrants, collecting and logging evidence, as well as conducting interviews.

In November 2009, a sexual assault occurred along the Sligo Creek Parkway. D/Pfc. Hoetzel canvassed the area and immediately located a possible suspect matching the description. The suspect had denied any involvement, but was in possession of a weapon that had been described by the victim. D/Pfc. was able to obtain a consent from the suspect to obtain his DNA. Based on that DNA, a match came back on that suspect implicating him in the sexual assault. In addition, Prince George’s County was able to link the same suspect to a similar sexual assault that occurred in their jurisdiction. If it were not for D/Pfc. Hoetzel observing and stopping this suspect, the case may never have been solved.

We congratulate D/Pfc. Charles Hoetzel on being named Officer of the Year!

We also congratulate our Civilians of the Year, Mr. Leo Mangum, Property and Evidence Manager, and Ms. Catherine Plevy, Executive Assistant and Public Information Officer in the Office of the Chief.

There are a variety of other awards that are given out at the Takoma Park Police Awards Banquet, which is being held on Friday, June 11, 2010.

Life-Saving Medal
D/Pfc. Charles Hoetzel
Sgt. Andrew John
Cpl. Cynthia Conrad
Cpl. Bobby Rodriguez
Pfc. Eric Mueller

Supervisor of the Year
Sgt. Richard Skibicki

Civilians of the Year
Mr. Leo Mangum
Ms. Catherine Plevy

Unit Citation
Safe Speed
Lt. Richard Skibicki
Cpl. Doug Malarkey

First Place Shooter
Lt. Richard Cipperly

Come-back Officer of the Year
Lt. Tyrone Collington

Chief’s Special Recognition
Cpl. Michelle Holmes

There are also a myriad of other Command Recognitions and Letters of Commendations that will be awarded to various sworn and civilian personnel in the Department.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!